The proof is in the quality...and the service.

Your product must perform well. Therefore, our products must perform exceptionally well. That's why we inspect all incoming components meticulously in accordance with accepted industry sampling techniques. Once assembly is complete, we inspect our finished product just as carefully. On the rare occasion that a deficiency is detected, our corrective action programs are swift and effective.
As a result of our quality management systems, standards and guidelines, Quality Assurance Systems, Ltd., has awarded Buildex with ISO 9002 certification.

Thru-HoIe Technology

This exceptional quality comes with outstanding service. Because Buildex Electronics is owner managed, you get the personal attention you deserve. No getting lost in the shuffle or waiting while larger jobs take precedence. We work around the clock and guarantee you can get a hold of us when you need to.

Your #1 resource for state of the art circuitry

ISO 9002 certified!

Buildex Electronics quickly delivers a

turn-key solution to your electronic needs:

Quality Assurance Systems Ltd
Registration Certificate
This document certifies that the quality administration systems of

Buildex Electronics, Inc.
have been assessed and approved by
QAS Ltd to the following
quality management systems, standards and guidelines:-
ISO 9002:
The approved quality administration systems apply to the following:-Turn-key operations for the electronics industries.
ISO 9000

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